How to Overcome Relationship Anxiety


A serious relationship can trigger stress at any point in the process, from being steady and telling ” I Love You” or moving in together and finally being married and engaged. The anxiety associated with relationships, also known as ” commitment phobia,” can be caused by various triggers. These include previous abuse, negative relationship models, and stress caused by health or work problems.

What is it to be afflicted with relationship anxiety/commitment phobia?

A feeling of anxiety about your relationship could be manifested in various ways. Fear is one of the leading causes of stress. One of the fears could include the fear that your partner may leave you, worry that you’re not enough with your spouse, or that your intimate relationships will reveal information about you or your partner that could compromise you and your partner’s joy.

Each of these problems can cause it to be difficult or even impossible to be serious about your relationship. Both of you could be suffering from issues such as the desire to be a test for each other, extreme dependence, or becoming more defensive. One of these issues can cause issues in your relationship. If problems start to get worse, they can create physical or mental health issues that aren’t addressed.


How can people with this anxiety conquer it?

If you’re engaged in a relationship that causes the other spouse anxiety, The first step is to talk. Being honest about your feelings and honestly can benefit all parties involved. You may discover that your worries are not justified and that you’re worried about issues that don’t exist. It could be that both you and your spouse are closer than you believed. For example, you may be forced by external forces to marry and discover that neither of you is prepared for the wedding. In addition, family members or friends might think that you are doing things too quickly when you and your partner would like to take your relationship more seriously.

Communication could also uncover more complex issues which require discussion. Couples therapy or individual therapy could be very beneficial if the problems are severe, long-lasting, or medical/psychological. Sometimes, this analysis can reveal that the relationship isn’t healthy. If the most beneficial solution for both partners is to end the relationship, this could be a painful but logical solution.

How do you keep a healthy, happy, and lasting relationship?

It may sound like a cliché; however, the first step to building an improved relationship is to admit the fact that there’s something wrong. “By accepting your relationship anxiety, you become more in tune with your mind and, more specifically, your thought cycle.” Alicia H. Clark, PsyD is a psychologist working in Washington, D.C. Her blog focuses on concepts that relate to healing and dealing with trauma or stress. In her post “6 Things to Do When a Relationship Causes Anxiety”, Clark expands on the idea of accepting and coping with anxiety.

“Especially if you are prone to worrying or are with a partner who doesn’t communicate clearly, anxiety will be a part of your relationship. That doesn’t necessarily make it a bad thing…Fundamentally, anxiety means you care – we can only worry about things we care about – and relationships might be the most important thing to us. We are deeply concerned about protecting love and ensuring it’s safe. We are anxious when we think that love could be in danger.”

Accepting your anxiety is just the first step. When you’ve communicated and worked to identify the causes of your stress in your relationship, plenty’s to be done to ensure you are well and happy. You’ll need to make modifications to your relationship and be patient with one another. Mental patterns can’t be altered in a hurry.

The better you feel in mind and body, the better you’ll be able to devote yourself to your partner. As per Calm Clinic, some of the most effective methods to get fit include exercising more, keeping your mind busy with the exchange of needs, and sustaining physical affection. If the stress is due to damaged trust, you might need to begin at the very start of the relationship, establishing trust from the beginning.

Making a connection with anxiety is possible and frequent. Even in the ideal scenario, relationships flourish when there is some effort by everyone that is. It is essential to be open and frequently with your spouse and always seek assistance from a professional if required.