Are You Making These 5 Underwear Mistakes?


Underwear is the most crucial piece of clothing we wear every day, and there is little we know how to choose it correctly. Nowadays, women are so obsessed with fashion and style and what they should put on to look fashionable and promising that they overlook why we put on certain clothes.

The underwear protects the intimate areas of our bodies which is among the most sensitive parts of our bodies. It’s not meant to look attractive, to hide or conceal, etc. These are the most common mistakes you’re probably making:

1. Synthetic Lingerie

Why do women often wear sexually explicit bras? Well, that’s easy. Most of the time, women are attractive when they wear them. However, sexy clothing is made of materials like synthetic silk, fabric and lace, faux silk, or net, and our skin can’t breathe the materials. If you’re a sensitive person to abrasions, you’re likely to become irritated on the bottom. Therefore, you must first be mindful of your health and wear underwear made of fabric that breathes, like cotton.


2. Wrong Detergents

Do not wash your intimates using the same detergent you wear for other clothing. It is best to use mild detergents for your delicates and a scentless. It could be due to your detergent if you’re experiencing itching in your thigh. Thus, you should use hypoallergenic detergents to wash your tight clothes.

3. Sweaty Undies

The best way to sweat is to get rid of bacteria. Bacterias love to sweat. Therefore, if you’re coming out of the gym, don’t walk around in your gym attire and undies, performing whatever tasks you’re required to complete. Instead, take a shower, wear some nice clothes and then do your own thing. Make sure you take the time to take care of your intimates so that you won’t be afflicted with an infection caused by yeast.

4. Not Going “Commando” At Night

Many experts recommend sleeping naked, but only the case if you’re comfy. If you don’t wear underwear, it allows the intimate areas to breathe out and allows sweat and moisture to evaporate. Once the work and the humidity are removed, any issues they cause are easily avoided.

5. Shapewear

Wearing a shapewear piece is acceptable for occasions where you must appear a certain way. But, it would help if you didn’t put yourself at risk simply for appearance. Wearing shapewear frequently could cause blood circulation issues in the area, and even more severe, it could cause nerve impingement and make these regions numb. In addition, because of the shapewear, women delay having a pee because they are uncomfortable and can end up having other health issues. Therefore, avoid wearing your shapewear every day. Use it on events that require it.