8 Easy Steps to Aid In Stopping hair loss


Hair loss is a significant concern for a lot of people. We’ve listed a few ways to reduce the loss of hair. Check them out!

1. Try Ice Packs on the scalp

A swollen, itchy scalp indicates hair loss and should be addressed immediately. If you notice this, it’s best to put an ice pack on your scalp to keep it cool and humid. If you are comfortable with the cold, it’s also a great option to take a refreshing shower.

2. Apply green tea to your hair

The results of studies have proven that having some tea leaves on your scalp can help prevent hair loss. All you have to do is put two bags of tea into a glass of water, allow it to cool, then apply it to your hair. Rinse your hair well within one hour. After about one week, you might notice that hair loss is less noticeable.


3. Apply hair conditioner

Dry hair and dry-looking can be more prone to break, leading to more hair loss when combing. Try applying conditioning treatment after shampooing your hair to increase the amount of moisture and strength and reduce the chance of losing hair.

4. Find a shampoo for hair loss prevention.

If you are looking for a shampoo, you should choose one with biotin, zinc, and B vitamins. This shampoo can increase the volume and thickness of hair which makes hair appear more full.

5. Make Your Hair Softly Brushed

Washing or brushing your hair too vigorously can result in hair follicles breaking and hair loss. Therefore, brush your hair with care, even if you’re strangulated.

6. Rub Pumpkin Seed Oil On Scalp

A study from 2014 found that those who consumed 400mg of pumpkin seeds oil over six months experienced 40 percent more hair volume. You can try applying the oil of pumpkin seeds onto your hair for 10 mins in the shower and then rinse it off. Try this for a whole month, and you could be amazed by the outcomes.

7. Try a Scalp Massage

You could try a scalp massage to stop hair loss and increase hair growth; according to studies, scalp massages assist in increasing the thickness of hair and stimulate the growth of hair by stretching follicles and dilating blood vessels. So if you’re exhausted, do a head massage to help relax and assist in making your hair grow.

8. Manage Your Stress

Stress over time is also a significant factor in hair loss. In this situation, it is possible to establish good habits for your life, like a balanced diet and sleeping. Exercise and meditation are fantastic ways to lessen anxiety and maintain your hair’s volume.