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7 Reasons to Seek Marriage Counseling


Many couples ignore their minor conflicts and prolong the agony. Until they realize that they step on the edge of a divorce, the more the husband and wife try to forget their problems, the more they will feel the disconnection. Prosperously, marriage counselors nowadays are very experienced with these situations and are well trained to help couples prevail hardships and resolve their problems as a couple.

Marriage counselors work as unbiased middlemen that can be a haven to discuss the couple’s most difficult times. They are qualified enough to help the couple deal with the issues at home. They aim to see the couples successfully surmount their marriage hardships by themselves, not rely on anybody or hang around with counselors forever. To them, a couple’s reconciliation is an achievement.

A marriage counselor can help couples resolve these seven most common problems:


1- Communication

Many people do not prefer to tell what is going on in their minds, what they think about or feel, and what they need; they can’t talk out loud for fear of having problems. That is why most of the time, marriage counselors spend long periods hearing from their clients, “I don’t have a clue what he is thinking all the time.” “She wants me to guess what she thinks about.” or “He is my husband. He should know what I want and what I don’t like.” A marriage counselor can help couples find the reasons behind their struggles and triggers and show the husband and wife how to discuss them effectively.

2- Reconnect the Bond

Before marriage, each had their lifestyle: their job, career, beliefs, family, hobbies, and more. However, they nurtured each other’s needs while married but somehow lost the bond. The couple often loses their relationships through life, like jobs, bills, and parenthood. A professional marriage counselor can help them identify the lost connections and show the couple how to reconnect their bond.

3-Resolve the Conflict

A common issue couples face is their indifferences. When problems arise, they tend to ignore them instead of resolving them. They will avoid discussing and talking about them. A good marriage counselor will help the two develop the skills of negotiating differences, teach them to complain softly, not to raise voices while speaking, and not to become judgmental or disrespect each other. They also help the couple to deal with intense emotions effectively.

4- Transition

Two people loving each other does not alone bring about marriage success. Marriage consists of stages, going from dating to parenthood. Couples also go through transitional phases in marriage and experience differences and difficulties. Especially when they have a baby, some might have a hard time facing these changes, and they feel like they are married to someone they don’t know anymore, or they might regard it as “an empty nest.” These are normal feelings, and a good marriage counselor can help the couple adjust as they go through stages of marriage.

5- Step Families

Stepfamilies are Most likely to have divorce compared to first marriages, especially if kids are involved. A professional marriage counselor can help the couple understand the typical stages of the remarriage journey and the problems they may face and show them how to go through it.

6- Mental Health Issues that Affect the Marriage

Depression and Anxiety are the most common mental health issues that can ruin one’s marriage. Spouses, whether one is depressed and anxious or not, should always bear in mind that they have to support and love each other, especially if one is seeking help to revive their good mental health. A marriage counselor can help notice the early signs and help the couple to prepare a strategy to overcome.

7- Infidelity

One of the biggest problems that couples might face is infidelity. This matter is sensitive and needs to be talked about and worked through in a calm manner. A marriage counselor must be between them, helping this couple talk about it openly and unbiasedly. Ignoring the topic of illicit affairs or talking about it too much is wrong. There should be a balance of understanding one’s feelings so that one can repair the damage and soon help them heal to reconcile again.

Does Online Marriage Counseling Work?

Getting professional help from a marriage counselor online can be helpful, primarily if the two are motivated to do the reading, exercise, and homework. Email counseling can help the couple become more open and vulnerably calm. Writing and reading can allow them to think about things thoroughly without being overreactive.

If you are going through a marriage crisis right now, get help from a marriage counselor. It is far less expensive financially and emotionally than getting a divorce.