7 Fully Remote businesses You Can Begin

For entrepreneurs who would like the flexibility of working at home from anywhere, here are seven business ideas you can start independently from the comfort of your home.

The COVID-19 virus has brought us into a new era where many would prefer to work from home. Anyone who wants to set up their own business but has been fired during the chaos of “The Great Resignation” can now profit from the working from home lifestyle by establishing companies that operate entirely from home.

Suppose you’re seeking a new business idea that doesn’t require physical space for offices or warehouses. In that case, there are several possibilities for businesses located in remote areas and starting today.


Services for creating content

With so many businesses that operate online, every company must be present on the web as there is a constant need for online content. There are many options to consider for small-scale content-creation businesses. Suppose you’re a skilled writer or editor. In that case, you could complete projects for clients who need blogs, email newsletters, articles on thought leadership captions on social networks, eBooks, and additional written material. Suppose you’re skilled in creating visual content. In that case, you could make custom videos and images for customers by using top-quality editing software.

Translation services

As more and larger companies employ technological advances to “go globally,” there is a rising demand for translators to aid these companies in communicating with their international customers effectively. This is a fantastic remote business model for anyone who has worked in various languages and is familiar with the basics of copywriting and marketing.

Suppose you’re competent or skilled in a foreign language. Companies can reach more people in that case by creating content tailored to the target audience, including local expressions, cultural references, and other terms that may not always be translated correctly from the native language. In addition to any additional instruction in tongues, you may want to increase your knowledge collection. The highest cost is to purchase an extensive library of reference books, including dictionaries and grammar books.

Virtual assistant

More people are interested in starting a business than at any time in history. Census data indicates that applications for business for new companies increased by over 20% in the year compared to December 2021. New entrepreneurs typically depend on virtual assistants to assist with simple but vital administrative tasks like scheduling appointments, billing customers, managing customer inquiries, and managing database databases. This concept of having a business online is excellent for people who are meticulous and capable of managing and organizing massive quantities of data and managing multiple projects simultaneously.

Travel planning

COVID-19 has made travel more difficult. When planning a trip, travelers should keep local rules, vaccination requirements, and COVID case rates that could affect or hinder their travel plans. Remote travel agents can help clients book COVID-friendly tours, gather all necessary health and safety regulations in one place, and take the burden on travelers.

Personal shopping

With all the options and stores online, shoppers do not know where to start when looking for specific items, like furniture or clothing for their homes. A personal shopper can assist their clients in finding things they’ll love while staying within their budgets. Video chats, screen sharing as well as Augmented Reality can assist you in creating a memorable buying experience that is enjoyable for the customers. Once they’ve made their choice of the item they’d like to purchase, they’d prefer that it be feasible for them to get items delivered right to the buyer’s doorstep.


Suppose you’ve gained a lot of experience and achieved impressive success in your chosen field. In that case, you could be interested in becoming a consultant. Consultants specializing in areas like business expansion, marketing, sales human resources, and sales can assist clients in developing an effective strategy to meet their goals. Businesses are generally ready to invest in expert insight and the results they achieve -and Payscale puts the average business consultant’s salary at $75,000 per year. Suppose you’re seeking to make the most of your expertise in your field and work independently and in your company. In that case, a small consulting firm could be the best option.

Web and I.T. development

According to CompTIA data, the number of jobs within the technology field is predicted to double as fast as overall jobs throughout the U.S., with some positions in the tech sector growing more than five times the average national rate. The increasing number of remote workers is a factor in this demand increase. This means it could be the best option for you in case you have an I.T. background. Remote access to servers and computers within the company lets you collaborate with clients worldwide or worldwide.