6 Shocking Reasons You Should Not Sleep Next to Your Phone

Do you think of your life without smartphones? What kind of life would you have if smartphones weren’t around? It’s considered to be very difficult to imagine a world without these inventions because they helped make our lives simpler.To a well-known proverb: “With great power, you bear responsibility.” So as per the preceding, this is true for these devices. They are very beneficial, but you must utilize them while asleep with the proper care!

1. you will likely awake feeling exhausted because of the lousy quality sleep you experienced while sleeping next to your mobile phone, even if you managed to get 8 hours of rest a night. Cell phones produce electromagnetic waves at a specific frequency to be able to receive signals. Our body can be a shield against radiation. The same applies to leaving your phone charged when you’re asleep.

2. Uh..ohh.. ! The fact that you sleep with your phone could impact fertility in women and can also decrease the number of eggs. However, some men are no exception to this position! The sperm count of males can drop by 30 percent during charging or lying beside you when you are napping!


3. The radiation we receive from mobile devices causes neurological disorders affecting our nervous system, such as insomnia, headaches, dizziness, and, even more severe, an actual brain tumor!

4. Cell phones emit harmful mercury gas, an enormous danger to our brains. It may cause damage to moods, nerves, the immune system, and even the eyes!

5. As I’ve mentioned, radiation can impact the nervous system. Also, it may reduce our cognitive abilities! It is a fact that we can reduce our intelligence.

6. It is best not to keep your phone close to you. At the same time, you sleep if you would like to keep your skin clear. Yes, phones impact the skin, which is the reason for skin damage and its extreme fanaticism and discoloration!